When your application requires a sensor with special packaging or operating conditions, TCP has the experience and resources to design and manufacture a sensor to meet your needs. Tenured staff is ready to help.

Since 1955, we’ve been providing solutions to the toughest application specific challenges. And with every unique solution or custom project, we expand our own capabilities making us that much more of a resource for you!

We’ve designed thermocouples and RTD’s for a wide variety of applications for various industries:

  • Hot Gas or Liquid Measurement
  • Plastic Molding Machines
  • Multipoint Reactor Temperature Measurement
  • Flat and Round Surface Measurements
  • Reciprocating and Turbine Engine Measurements
  • Food Processing

If you have an application that requires custom capabilities give us a call our engineers are ready to work with you to provide the optimum solutions.

We are expert in Engine Exhaust Thermocouple development, available in various configurations, for monitoring engine exhaust temperature in gasoline or diesel engines; Turbine Rake, designed for measuring temperature and/or air pressure in aircraft turbine engines; Dual Thermocouple Cone Rings used extensively in plastic extrusions; and Seal Ring Thermocouple, a proprietary design of ring thermocouples. We also offer High Temperature Thermocouples; Bolt Thermocouples, which are used extensively in plastic injection molding; and Surface Pad Thermocouples, which feature a unique bend, useful with difficult installations.

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